VEIGALAN designs and develops smart software for industrial processes, such as Predictive Control Models. VEIGALAN is DigiMAT’s project coordinator and the responsible for the development of smart module and improved control of the process

AAPICO automotive business unit focuses its activity in the supply of turnkey solutions for the manufacturing of components (e.g. ductile iron parts), being in 4.000 M European cars and incorporating own leading technology products. DigiMAT innovations are applied to its manufacturing process and it will integrate the smart modules, testing new grades and adapt to the tailor-made demand.

CONTINENTAL (Hydraulic Brake Systems unit) is one of the leading brake system suppliers for OEMs in Europe and manufactures 190,000 brake systems per day (worldwide) with a total of 15 manufacturing plants. It is one of AAPICO’s main customers at the moment. CONTINENTAL is a key partner for the machinability aspects. As end-user is also responsible for the demonstrator of the final anchor and housing (calliper) using new grades and improved manufacturing process.


AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre has developed a wide range of projects in the different stages of the chain of R&D focused on metallurgy and foundry process technologies. Within DigiMAT project AZTERLAN is in charge of the development of the new grades by means of VEIGALAN smart module and AAPICO trial plan.